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Updated November 2002

The Return Of The SS

After a 24 year absence the Camaro SS returns as a limited production car built by SLP under contract to GM. Rated at 305 hp (315 w/optional exhaust), compared to 285 hp of the Z28, it features a distinctive "ram-air" hood scoop, SS badging (replacing the Z28s), and 17" wheels with 275/40ZR17 tires, plus the 1LE suspension, except with DeCarbon shocks using different valving from the stock shocks. Individually numbered out of 2410.

Camaro RS was also re-introduced. Last seen as a 1992 model, it was basically a V6 coupe with a ground effects package and RS badging on front fenders and +RS under right tail light.

OBD-II ECM makes its debut, to better diagnose engine problems. The oil cooler (KC4) was dropped. The Y87 Performance Package was available on the Coupe & RS, which consisted of four wheel disc brakes, 3.42 axle ratio and the sportier suspension components that the Z28 received. It required the P235/55TR16 tires (QBC).

The L36 3.8L V6 became standard in the coupe, and the weak 3.4L was dropped. The Z28 went to a dual catalytic converter setup, making 10 more hp for a total of 285.

Air Conditioning made standard on Z28, even with the 1LE package. 1LE performance suspension package on Camaro now includes Koni double-adjustable shock absorbers. Factory chromed wheels now available (P05). New options: remote, factory installed, 12-disc compact disc changer (U1S), content theft alarm (required keyless entry) (UA6), 5-spoke chrome wheels (P05).

Exterior Colors: Medium Patriot Red dropped; Cayenne Red Metallic, Bright Green Metallic, Red-Orange Metallic added.

New interior cloth in the Camaros was the only significant trim. Red leather is now available.

SS #1593